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Terms and Conditions of Sale

We do not accept any responsibility for where the customer chooses to hang the prints. We are merely giving the public the benefit of our knowledge and our views on the subject. If a customer has any doubts or concerns we would advise them to make enquiries for a one to one Feng Shui Consultation.

We trust that these prints may be enjoyed purely for their asthetic qualities without reference to or dependence on Feng Shui principals.



Please note, we do not accept responsibility if the wrong product code has been entered when the order is made.

If the wrong product is dispatched due to client error, the same will have to be returned before another can be sent.

Orders can be sent via the order form on this website.

All orders are accepted by this company are subject to these terms and conditions of sale, which supersede any previous terms and conditions.

All descriptions and illustrations contained in this website are only intended to give a general idea of the products, specifications may vary slightly.


Returns Policy

Claims will only be settled after the faulty goods have been returned and with the nature of the fault clearly stated.

Any claims for non-delivery, shortages or damaged goods must be made in writing by email or fax within 2 days of delivery.


We can not be held responsible for any damage incurred during or after the print has been unwrapped.

Any goods returned incomplete i.e. packaging missing, accessories missing etc. will not be replaced or credited.

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