Energetic Art

Unique Prints / Pictures

Carla was and still is an artist at heart and so for a special one off, unique picture, we have developed a multi-media approach which involves adding acrylic paint on top of the existing photographed canvas image.

This means that Carla can accentuate certain features, colours and create original features, even words, to add energetic significance to the piece.

All requests will be considered on an individual basis and subject to Carla's artistic discretion.

Prices will be discussed on an individual basis.


Bespoke Prints

If you see a print you like, but you have an awkward space to fill, it may be
possible to adapt the image as seen on the gallery to fit the shape you require.

This tailor made service may not suit all the images so Carla will use her artistic discretion depending on the image enquiry.
Some images are more 'adaptable' than others!

For a truly unique experience with one to one guidance as to which images would support you the most, please make enquiries regarding Feng Shui Consultations.

See 'Client Services' in the menu options.