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About us

Carla-Miles Robinson Feng Shui photograpic images

At Energetic Art our mission is:

  • To share a passion for natural beauty.
  • To promote the uplifting, inspiring, energy of nature.
  • To encourage the healing power of the natural world into living, working and community environments, for the benefit of all.

Our Photographic Nature Range seeks to provide images which have been thoughtfully selected for their uplifting potential based on knowledge of healing plants, known positive cultural symbolism and the Chinese Feng Shui 5 Element principles.

The collection is defined by the natural passing of the seasons, by the weather, the angle of the sun and natural light, the shade of the clouds, the movement of the wind.

The images of flowers, plants and natural forms stand in their own right as beautiful and decorative images. Considerations such as the shape of the canvas, the hue of the colours, the number of flowers in a frame have been considered when selecting images for the range.

They also have the subliminal energetic added value. Each picture is chosen carefully in terms of its Feng Shui potential and beneficial herbal associations. From the grand and glorious Lotus to the humble Nettle, for the peace and tranquillity of a meditation room to the frenetic pace and demands of the corporate board room, the collection has been devised to suit all kinds of environments.


Carla Miles-Robinson

The photographer, Carla Miles-Robinson, is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant and a consultant member of the British Society of Dowsers.

She has also had an extensive working background in Commercial Art and Design and was a design lecturer at the London College of Printing and other colleges for over 15 years. She also worked as an artist in the community in many different environments including schools and a wide variety of institutions.

Her images are born from a love of nature and a desire to bring the uplifting forces of nature into peoples homes and places of work. She draws apon many years of learning about different cultural approaches to healing and the human need to be in peace and harmony with nature.

She has also carried out many Feng Shui consultations in a wide variety of different environments which has given her a unique opportunity to observe how pictures and images may either visually uplift and support or potentially have a subliminal detrimental effect on the lives of those who live or work there.

"Ultimately, it is not a matter of whether an image, in itself, is 'good or bad'. It is whether it's visual content supports the onlookers values, desires and ambitions and visually confirms and upholds their unique pathway of life."

Andrew J. Robinson

Andrew runs a well established commercial photography company, Photo farm Inc Ltd., and has been an invaluable source of support and knowledge for Energetic Art. Without his experise this enterprise would not have been possible!